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There are many reasons to form a Corporation or LLC for your business. One of the most important reasons is to shield yourself from personal liability. Whether you run a theater, restaurant, or an eCommerce website, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our lawyers are ready to speak with you about your business, the needs of your business, and assist with the formation of the business. In addition to the formation Homsi Law, P.A. offers many other services to help get your business started. At Homsi Law, we are the only Orlando based LLC Attorney you should consider when you want to form your business.

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Benefits of Forming a Corporation or LLC

The formation of a Corporation or LLC creates a legal entity. This legal entity is treated as a legal person by law. When forming a Corporation or LLC there is an independence created which helps prevent the owners (Shareholders or Members) from being held personally liable for debts of the Corporation or LLC. Having a Corporation or LLC also makes transferring the ownership of the business significantly easier. The formation of a Corporation or LLC also lets the business operate under it’s own name. Specifically licensed to cover the entire state of Florida, let the team at Orlando LLC Lawyer help you form your business today!

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Tax Advantages

The formation of a Corporation or LLC may also provide business owners with tax advantages. Expenses of the Corporation or LLC may be tax deductible, which can mean savings for business owners. Our team has a wealth of knowledge on the tax ins and outs when it comes to forming a business in the state of Florida. Put our business formation knowledge to work for you.

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Affordable and Competitive Prices

Homsi Law, P.A. provides clients with legal work and advice at affordable and competitive prices for all your business needs. Homsi Law, P.A. is ready to assist you with starting your business by phone or online. At Homsi Law, P.A., you will speak with an attorney to address your business’ needs and concerns.

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About Us

About Homsi Law

Homsi Law, P.A. has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs with all of their business needs. This experience and knowledge is vital to any business owner looking to form their company. At Homsi Law, P.A. we put our vast knowledge and experience to use in assisting you with the formation of your business, so that you can focus on running your business and making all your business dreams come true.

October 2019


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a long line of attorneys

At Homsi Law, P.A. we use a straightforward approach to help simplify the business formation for you. Our experience and knowledge is used to address all the needs of your business and to come up with the best approach to forming your business. We are here to help and provide this help to you at tremendously low and affordable prices.

July 2009


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William M. Homsi, Esq.

William is the President and Shareholder of Homsi Law, P.A. William was born and raised

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Homsi Law, P.A. has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs with all

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- At Homsi Law, We Value Our Clients and Are Now Serving All of Florida

Best Florida LLC Attorney

Mr. Homsi helped me form my business entity, and remains my counsel for legal matters related to my Company. As a former client, I highly recommend his services for business formation, agreements, and contracts. As an attorney myself, I have since also had opportunities to work on legal matters with Mr. Homsi, and his legal work is always of the highest caliber and unwaveringly ethical.

Matthew Pineda

I highly recommend Homsi Law, P.A.

I highly recommend Homsi Law, P.A. for any business and/or contract legal needs. Mr. Homsi is personable, professional, and responsive. He possesses excellent oral and written communication skills. He was a huge help in assisting me set up an LLC for my clinical psychology practice in 2015.

Brian Kennedy

Mr. Homsi helped me form my business entity

I highly recommend Homsi Law, P.A. for anything related to business formations, contracts, and overall legal advice. Mr. Homsi is very professional and has done a great job helping me get things up and running with my new venture. I look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

Ricardo Garcia


- At Homsi Law, we value our clients and can assist with all LLC and Business formation services in the state of Florida.

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