Each Company Comes with:
Attorney’s Fees
State Filing Fees
-Articles of Incorporation and Organization
-Company Minutes
-By Laws for the Corporation or LLC Regulations
-Stock Certificates or Membership Certificates
-Company Seal
-Company Name Search
-Bank Resolutions
Florida IRA LLC Operating Agreement



The Florida Self Directed IRA is formed with the IRA account being the owner of the LLC. The LLC would be managed by the IRA owner, which would give the owner “checkbook control.”

There are prohibited transactions that the Florida Self Directed IRA LLC must avoid as they can result in significant penalties.

Prohibited transactions in an IRA can include (this is not a complete list)

Generally, a prohibited transaction in an IRA is any improper use of an IRA account or annuity by the IRA owner, his or her beneficiary or any disqualified person.

Disqualified persons include the IRA owner’s fiduciary and members of his or her family (spouse, ancestor, lineal descendant, and any spouse of a lineal descendant).

The following are examples of possible prohibited transactions with an IRA.

Borrowing money from it
Selling property to it
Using it as security for a loan
Buying property for personal use (present or future) with IRA funds

The Florida IRA LLC includes the Operating Agreement in the price.


There are many reasons to form a Corporation or LLC for your business. One of the most important reasons is to shield yourself from personal liability. Whether you run a theater, restaurant, or an eCommerce website, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our lawyers are ready to speak with you about your business, the needs of your business, and assist with the formation of the business. In addition to the formation Homsi Law, P.A. offers many other services to help get your business started.


The formation of a Corporation or LLC creates a legal entity. This legal entity is treated as a legal person by law. When forming a Corporation or LLC there is an independence created which helps prevent the owners (Shareholders or Members) from being held personally liable for debts of the Corporation or LLC. Having a Corporation or LLC also makes transferring the ownership of the business significantly easier. The formation of a Corporation or LLC also lets the business operate under it’s own name.


The formation of a Corporation or LLC may also provide business owners with tax advantages. Expenses of the Corporation or LLC may be tax deductible, which can mean savings for business owners.


Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN)– This is a number that will be required to open the bank account for the Corporation or LLC. – $30 – The EIN for a foreign individual without a U.S. Social Security Number or ITIN is $110.

ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)– This number can be obtained by non-U.S. citizens and foreign individuals without a U.S. Social Security Number so that that person can file a U.S. Tax Return. – $110

Registered Agent Service & Attorney Guidance– Homsi Law, P.A. offers this service that includes our firm serving as the Registered Agent for your business. With this service our firm will also help you with the drafting of the Annual Minutes for your company’s records. Another valuable perk of this service is that you will have the ability to call an attorney at our firm and ask any legal question you may have all year long. This means an unrestricted number of phone calls, as many as you would like. This feature is valuable to business owners when any questions or situations arise. – $118 each year

Florida State Sales Tax Number– This number, also known as a Resale Certificate, is used by your company to buy products for resale without paying sales tax. – $40

Florida Unemployment Tax Account Number– If your Company will be paying employees, it is required to obtain a Florida Unemployment Tax Account Number. The number is used to withhold the required state unemployment withholdings. – $40

Sub-Chapter S Election– This valuable election allows your corporation to avoid double taxation. In order to make this election the Shareholders (owners) of the Company must be U.S. Citizens or legal resident aliens. – $55

Florida Fictitious Name (DBA)– If you plan to use another name for your business you will be required to register a DBA with the State of Florida. We can complete this registration and the accompanying documents for you. – $130
3 Business Day DBA- Additional $65
Next Business Day DBA- Additional $110

USDOT Number– Companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and must have a USDOT Number. Also, commercial intrastate hazardous materials carriers who haul types and quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a USDOT Number. – $300

IRS 1244 Stock– If you decide to issue 1244 stock the IRS allows for the write off of $50,000 as an ordinary loss as opposed to only being able to write off $3,000 as a capital loss without the 1244 Stock. – $40

Home Office Lease– If you plan to have an office in your home, there may be tax advantages for the use of this space in your home. We can prepare a Home Office Lease to have the details in writing. – $75

Vehicle Lease– If you use your vehicle for business purposes there are tax breaks that can be taken advantage of and we can prepare the lease of the vehicle to your company. – $75

Equipment Lease– This lease would allow you to lease equipment to your business and tax advantage of tax breaks. We can prepare this lease for your business. – $75

Qualified SubChapter S Subsidiary– With this election your Sub Chapter S Corporation can own another Sub Chapter S Corporation. This is a tool that can be used to protect assets. In order to take advantage of this election your Sub Chapter S Corporation must own all of the subsidiary Sub Chapter S Corporation. – $100

Indemnification-As a Member (owner) of an LLC there are many protections that Members receive when forming an LLC. The Indemnification Agreement is an agreement that protects the Managers of the LLC in the event they are sued for activities they carry out when performing their work for the LLC. We can draft this agreement and include it with the Company documents. – $60

Florida IRA LLC Operating Agreement (Included)– The Members (owners) of a LLC should have a written agreement on how the LLC will operate. This agreement will cover many issues. These issues include how the LLC will be run, how profits and losses will be split among the owners, and many more.

Website Privacy Policy– Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with the drafting of your website’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy will detail how data is collected on your website, how this data is stored and shared, and other information that applies to your website’s visitors. – $300

Website Terms and Conditions– Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with the drafting of the Terms and Conditions for your website. Among the important aspects of the Terms and Conditions of the website is how the website and information on the website can be used. – $300

Employment Agreement– If your corporation will be hiring employees it is important to have a written agreement between the Company and the employee. The Employment Agreement will contain many important details about the employment such as pay rate, job description, and much more. Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with drafting the Employment Agreement for your Company. – $80

Independent Contractor Agreement– If your Company will be hiring independent contractors it is important to have a written agreement between the Company and the Independent Contractor. In addition to other laws and IRS rules that must be complied with the agreement will have other information such as the pay rate, description of the job, and much more. – $80

Worker’s Compensation Exemption (for Construction)– In Florida, if your Company is working in construction, Worker’s Compensation is required for the employees of the Company. There is an exemption allowed for up to 3 employees. Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with obtaining the exemption(s) for your Company. For one officer $110
For 2 Officers – $135
For 3 Officers- $155

Worker’s Compensation Exemption– In Florida, if your Company is doing non-construction work, Worker’s Compensation insurance may still be required. Unlike in the Construction field there is not a limit on the number of officers who can be exempted. For one officer $110
For 2 Officers – $135
For 3 Officers- $155

Loan Agreement with Promissory Note– Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with the drafting of a loan agreement and promissory note. These documents are important to have when loaning money to a company or another person. – $65

Dunn & Bradstreet Number– Homsi Law, P.A. can assist with obtaining a Dunn & Bradstreet Number for your Company. The DUNS number is a number that lenders can look to and can help with building your business’ credit. – $45

New Hire Reports– When hiring new employees there is a requirement to report the hiring’s. Homsi Law, P.A. can assist and provide 5 of these reusable forms for your company. $30


Homsi Law, P.A. offers accelerated time frames for the formation of your company.

Three Business Day Formation– Your company will be formed and filed with the State in 3 business days. – $65

Next Business Day Formation– Your company will be formed and filed with the State by the Next Business Day – $110

Without the rushing the formation of your company the typical time for formation of the company is 10 business days.

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